New Apple iOS app based on Cross-Cultural Business Behavior book now available!

Samfundslitteratur has released an Apple iOS app for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch which is based on Richard R. Gesteland’s Fifth Edition of the Cross-Cultural Business Behavior book.  Go to the AppStore now to download it to your device.  Search on “Business Behavior – The International Guide” to find it. The app is […]

Midwest Book Review’s Review of the Fifth Edition of Cross-Cultural Business Behavior

Book Review on the Fifth Edition of Cross -Cultural Business Behavior by Midwest Book Review’s “The Business Shelf” Now in an updated fifth edition, Cross-Cultural Business Behavior: A Guide for Global Management is an absolute “must-have” educational reference and resource for business professionals. An excellent choice for college courses or self-instruction, Cross-Cultural Business Behavior explains […]

Latest and Fifth Edition of Cross-Cultural Business Behavior Book Published!

The  latest edition of Richard Gesteland’s Cross-Cultural Business Behavior book was published in January 2012. The book’s new title is: Cross-Cultural Business Behavior: A Guide for  Global Management (Fifth Edition) Read more about this fifth edition book. Buy the book from Buy the book from

Euro Crisis and North-South Business Behavior

The financial crisis in the euro zone has reawakened old stereotypes: Hard-working, disciplined, tax-paying, frugal northerners versus lazy, improvident, tax-dodging southerners. There are kernels of truth in these old chestnuts, but Angela Merkel erred embarrassingly when she announced, “Greeks take too many holidays.” The next day aides pointed out that Germans actually enjoy more holidays per […]