Cross-Cultural Business Behavior: A Guide for Global Management (Fifth Edition)

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This is the latest and fifth edition of the book by Richard R. Gesteland, Global Management LLC.

Business cultures change, hence the need for a new edition of this classic guide to negotiating, selling and managing across cultures. Business behavior in markets around the world is constantly evolving, driven by generational change and increasing exposure to the global marketplace. That’s why all the Business Behavior profiles – with detailed information on 43 different business cultures – have been thoroughly updated in this fifth edition.Feedback from participants in hundreds of Global Management workshops since 2005 revealed the need to revise the framework of Business Behavior variables presented in Part Two. Thousands of business people, engineers, project managers, lawyers, medical professionals and students who have attended our seminars confirm that the Patterns approach outlined in this book makes sense. In addition, readers will find fresh new examples, cases and anecdotes reflecting changes in how people do business around the world.

International managers’ challenges have changed too. Today their toughest challenges involve managing project teams, international partnerships and subsidiaries around the world. To reflect this new reality the book’s time-tested framework for understanding cross-cultural negotiating behavior has been expanded to include a wide variety of practical pointers on managing in today’s global marketplace.

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Here are readers’ comments on the new edition of Cross-Cultural Business Behavior:

“This book is written by a practitioner for other practitioners, for business executives doing business with counterparts from other cultures…full of valuable tips and examples, it is extremely instructive…a must for all those who do business across cultures.”
Professor-Doctor Bernd Waldeck

Fachhochschule Kiel, Germany

“Richard Gesteland has once again succeeded in explaining the [business] world within the covers of one book….an indispensable handbook for anyone needing to learn how to deal with people from different cultural backgrounds.”

Senior Lecturer Kristina Henriksson

Laurea University of Applied Sciences Espoo, Finland

“…a distillation of Richard Gesteland’s 26 years as an expatriate manager in Germany, Austria, Italy, Brazil, India and Singapore along with his subsequent experience as a cross-cultural business consultant. His no-nonsense, pragmatic approach an accessible set of cases and ‘how-to’ tools for busy international negotiators and businesspeople are indispensable. Don’t leave home without it!”

Linda Gorchels, Director Marketing Talent Development

University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business, USA

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