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Executive Coach and Trainer

WORKSHOPS for international companies on Negotiating and Managing Across Cultures.

Since 1993 Richard Gesteland has conducted over a thousand one-day and two-day workshops on cultures he has personally done extensive business in.
Hottest target markets currently are India, China, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Brazil.

Recent examples:

  • “Communicating and Cooperating Across Cultures with Counterparts in (China/India/Hungary)” to help a number of global firms integrate their manufacturing subsidiaries abroad.
  • “Negotiating Effectively with Suppliers in Low-Cost Resource Markets.” Focused primarily on South and Southeast Asia, East-Central Europe and most recently Brazil.
  • “Communicating Effectively with Customers in Finland, Denmark, Britain and Germany.” For a large Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications components.
  • “Managing Across Cultures” for Western companies outsourcing in India.
  • “Interacting Successfully with Chinese Colleagues” for a U.S. technical services firm.
  • Typical four-part structure for a Global Management workshop such as those above:
    – Presentation of a framework for understanding and overcoming the cultural barriers.
    – Small groups study one-page cases and present their findings.
    – Small groups analyze the business cultures involved to isolate the key differences and similarities.
    – Interactive exercises such as dialogs and role plays.

The Global Management training method is intensive, highly practical and includes discussion of participants’ specific issues and concerns.

A dynamic trainer, Richard R. Gesteland speaks from personal experience. He has negotiated deals in 55 different countries, and in eight expatriate assignments has managed people from 24 different cultures in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

SEMINARS for international organizations, universities, business and engineering schools as well as for lawyers and health care professionals. Programs are tailored to the needs of the client organization.

Seminars and Workshops are available.


  • Aalborg University, Denmark: Master’s degree seminars on Intercultural Management.
  • Aarhus University Law Students Association: Negotiating Across Cultures.¬†
  • Aarhus University College, Herning: Communicating and Managing Across Cultures.
  • Alfa-Laval Denmark subsidiary, Managing Across Cultures in India.
  • Asia House, Copenhagen: Managing in China and India.
  • Burgundy School of Business, Dijon: Master’s degree courses for international students.
  • BYD Shenzen, China: “Communicating and Negotiating with Finns, Germans and Danes.”
  • Copenhagen University College of Engineering: guest lectures each semester since 1998.
  • Danish Importers and Logistics Association, Copenhagen: three China negotiating seminars.
  • Finnish Purchasing and Logistics Association, Helsinki: China negotiating workshop.
  • Gdansk Foundation for Management Development: EMBA courses in Warsaw and Gdansk.
  • Grundfos: Managing and Negotiating workshops on China, India and Hungary.
  • Grundfos: Managing Across Cultures for international project managers.
  • Intertek, Middleton WI: “Negotiating and Managing in China.”

  • J. F. Pearson, Shanghai: seminar for middle managers of foreign multinational companies.
  • Marketing Club of Dusseldorf: keynote address, “Cross-Cultural Management Behavior.”
  • Nokia Denmark subsidiary, Copenhagen: Negotiating with Suppliers in China.
  • Norwegian Purchasing Association, NIMA: Negotiating workshops on China and India.
  • Norwegian School of Management, Oslo: Negotiating in East Asia.
  • Oslo University College Engineering Faculty: guest lectures each semester since 2004.
  • RSM Erasmus, Rotterdam: two half-day seminars on Intercultural Management.
  • Sumitomo Trading Company, Singapore Headquarters: 2-day negotiating workshop.
  • Univ. College of North Jutland, Aalborg: Intercultural Competence for Medical Professionals.
  • University of Wisconsin Executive Education: China seminars.
  • University of Umea School of Business, Sweden: guest lectures.
  • University of Valencia Department of Management: seminar for doctoral candidates

One-on-one personal training customized for top managers who need to get up to speed quickly on subjects related to intercultural communication and management. Recent clients:

  • Separate two-day tutorials for four board-level executives of one of Germany’s largest companies. Each of the sessions covered different requirements.
  • Executive for a U.S. company preparing for an expatriate assignment in Europe.
  • Board members of a mid-size Danish medical-equipment manufacturer preparing to offshore production to Southeast Asia.
  • Vice-president of an American company preparing for an assignment in Singapore.
  • Two-day session for a top executive of a large European firm preparing to take over as CEO of the firm’s U.S. subsidiary.

For 28 years in his first career Richard Gesteland was an international manager in a very large American company with 550,000 employees. Posted overseas for 26 of those years in Asia, Europe and and Latin America, he was often called upon to brief and coach visiting executives on local customs, sensitivities and negotiating tactics. In all Richard coached four different CEOs and a dozen vice-presidents. Today he brings this rich experience to the task of coaching other top executives around the world.

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